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So I have no idea how to social media or how to blog. I have so many ideas of how to create unique items that I would love to share with the world. However, how do I accomplish that?? I am a serious introvert and if there is such a thing as verbal dyslexia I am sure I have that turned up to 11!! Spell check has both ruined me and saved me. I have gotten to the point to where when you start typing in a word no magical suggestions are listed. It is like I just confused technology so much even it cannot help me.

I am working on how to get our inventory introduced on an e-commerce platform. Believe me the struggle is real for the author of this post. We have been selling on Etsy successfully for a while now but I don't want to live there. I wanted to learn how to create amazing digitally printed, sublimated and vinyl items and how to ship them. I wanted to start there to learn how to manage inventory, find out what customers liked or didn't like. The great news is our shop has all 5 star reviews from our customers and we have maintained star seller status since Etsy introduced it!! One of the main reasons we got into this line of business is because we wanted to offer customer service that is as amazing as our products. We started all of this with our niche Halloween or Gothic items as this is something that is near and dear to our hearts. Mission accomplished with this baby step into the online store realm. Now we want to put everything that we have learned to work on a bigger platform.

One of the major areas we can excel in is personalization and not having a minimum order. We are not the Vistaprint of the world. We don't want to be, they can handle those big massive runs and can purchase in quantities that I don't even want to imagine. We are here for smaller businesses or the retail marketplace.

While we continue to add products to the website please know that behind the scenes we are already selling many items that have not made it into the store yet. So PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out and ask about something you want, but don't see. We are also here for the crafters of the world. If you already have an established business but find that you may have grown out of your vinyl or stencil work we can print your items for you saving you time and inventory. We don't require you to buy the item that you want printed on from us. If you already have something but want to have it personalized in some way we are cool with that! Our focus for retail is making custom, personalized items that will be treasured by those who are receiving it.

Weddings!! We can cover you for all your gifting needs whether you are looking for something special for the newlyweds or are about to be the newlyweds. We here for all the custom signs, table numbers, coasters, drink coolers, memorial glass blocks or lanterns and other items that you want to give a personal touch to for your special day.

We are here to also handle those name tags, badges, signs or merch for businesses as well.

So you see we do have a lot to offer, the struggle is getting it all posted. Custom design products are not easily marketed for a small business that is working on creating a customer base so we can showcase our work. You should know we do our work in our workshop, not by a third party. We do have relationships with other vendors in case we have need for large orders or items we don't traditionally sell but we would share that up front if something you are looking for is not something that we could handle in house.

I do hope you will give us a try. You might find your next favorite small business to handle your custom gifting needs.

Take care

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